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Super Glass Case Study

Super glass (window) case study presentation for Sustainable Design course at Andrews University. Actual case study contains much more detailed information.

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Sustainable Case Studies

Please click here to view four case studies done while I was a student at Andrews University.

Green Building

BUILD IT GREEN is a member supported non-profit organization working to expand the market for green homes in California.

BUILD IT GREEN offers two systems, which are similar to LEED for Homes, for new homes and existing homes. Futhermore, these two systems are customized for single family or multi-family projects.

Why is GreenPoint Rated divided into New Home and Existing Home?

  1. Energy Performance: Older homes use more energy than new homes, so they have different energy performance improvement targets.

  2. Health and Safety: GreenPoint Rated Existing Home ensures that older homes meet basic health and safety requirements that are automatically assumed in new construction, such as well-installed windows and siding, no leaks in the plumbing, and no holes in the building exterior.

  3. Point Allocation: A major objective of the Existing Home rating system is to educate and provide a pathway for making continued improvements, so it awards points for partial improvements, like a bathroom upgrade. The New Home system requires green building best practices throughout the entire home. 

I have taken the New Homes system, simplified it and adapted it to generically fit any state in the country (click below to download). This should only be used for reference and ideas. If you are building or renovating a home in California I suggest you use the BUILD IT GREEN or LEED for Homes rating systems. If you live outside of California then the LEED for Homes rating system is the way best option, however, some states may offer their own version. Memberships at cost BUILD IT GREEN $150 and LEED for Homes costs $525 for non-members or $375 for members.

Clink here to download pdf. 

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