Midwest Style

Wednesday, 27 March 2013 19:04 Published in Midwest Style

Features Include:

  • Two story
  • Gable roof (hip roofs were introduced later)
  • Front porch, often with decorative columns and elaborate railings
  • Painted wood siding (later repainted with color). Wealthy families often chose brick.
  • Exterior ornament

HH-421_Paris_SE.jpgKalamazoo MI.JPGMackinac-1.jpgMackinac-4.jpgSouth Bend_IN.JPGZeeland-1.jpgZeeland-3.jpgZeeland-4.jpgZeeland-5.jpgZeeland-6b.jpgZeeland-7.jpgZeeland-8a.jpgZeeland-8b.jpgZeeland-9a.jpgZeeland_MI-10.jpg


Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Mark Smith and I reside in Stevensville, Michigan my wife and two children. I have been interested in Architecture since my boyhood days; however, because of my families business—a lumberyard—I never really got a chance to pursue my dream until later in my career. Read more...


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