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Exterior facade restoration of four buildings in Sturgis to match original 1890’s facade and structural interior framing design to convert existing interior space to a Wings restaurant, apartments, and future businesses. No existing drawing were available. Plans and model were generated from job site visits, site photos, and historical photos.

Scope of work - Revit model, design phase architectural drawings and structural constructional documents.

Software - Revit
Sheets - Six
Project Date - 2015
Status - Under construction (Wings restaurant opened fall 2015)

Note: The architect of record changed (near the end of the project) and the original facade designs for the rear of the building where scraped in favor of a more modern EIFS/brick facade (not shown), which were designed by the architect.

A101.jpgA102.jpgA103.jpgA300.jpgA310.jpgFacade-Before.JPGFacade 1890s.JPGFacade After.jpgS101.jpgS102.jpgS103.jpgS201.jpgS301.jpgS302.jpg


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