Stick Style

Friday, 29 March 2013 18:30 Published in Stick Style


Features Include:

  • Rectangular shape
  • Wood siding
  • Steep, gabled roof
  • Overhanging eaves
  • Ornamental trusses (gable braces)
  • Decorative braces and brackets
  • Decorative half-timbering
  • Jerkinhead dormers


Shingle Style

Wednesday, 27 March 2013 19:49 Published in Shingle Style

Features Include:

  • Continuous wood shingles on siding and roof
  • Irregular roof line
  • Cross gables
  • Eaves on several levels
  • Porches
  • Asymmetrical floor plan


Bellingham_WA-1_Daily B.jpgBellingham_WA-2_Daily B.jpgBellingham_WA-3_Daily B.jpgCambridge_MA.jpgHeritag_Hills.JPGHH-239_Morris_SE.jpgHH-553_Paris_SE.jpgRiverside_IL_Chicagogeek.jpgShingle-1_19thCentury1.jpgShingle-4_Tim Engleman.jpgVancouver_CAN.jpg

Second Empire

Wednesday, 27 March 2013 19:47 Published in Second Empire

Second Empire

Features Include:

  • Mansard roof
  • Dormer windows project like eyebrows from roof
  • Rounded cornices at top and base of roof
  • Brackets beneath the eaves, balconies, and bay windows
  • Cupola
  • Patterned slate on roof
  • Wrought iron cresting above upper cornice
  • Classical pediments
  • Paired columns
  • Tall windows on first story
  • Small entry porch

Charleston SC.JPGConcord_NH-1.JPGConcord_NH-2.jpgEast_Bridgeport_CT.jpgGalena_IL.jpgHanover_NH.jpgMassachusetts.jpgMiddletown_CT.jpgNantucket_MA.jpgNew_Britian_CT.jpgSecond_Empire-1.jpgSecond_Empire-2.jpgSecond_Empire-3.jpg

Queen Anne

Wednesday, 27 March 2013 19:45 Published in Queen Anne

Features Include:

  • Steep roof
  • Complicated, asymmetrical shape with intersecting roof lines
  • Front-facing gable
  • One-story porch that extends across one or two sides of the house
  • Round turrets or square towers
  • Wall surfaces textured with decorative shingles, patterned masonry, or half-timbering
  • Ornamental spindles and brackets
  • Bay windows

Charleston SC.JPGChester VT.JPGChester VY-2.JPGGainsville_FL_Black Doll.jpgHanover_NH-1.JPGHanover_NH-1a.JPGHanover_NN-2.jpgHeritage_Hills.JPGHH-42_Fulton_E.jpgHH-122_College_NE.jpgHH-228_Madison_SE.jpgHH-349_Paris_SE.jpgHH-535_Fountain_NE.JPGHinsdale_IL_chicagogeek.jpgHudson_MI.jpgMackinac.JPGQueen_Anne-5_Robert Strong.jpgQuee_Anne-2.jpgQuee_Anne-3.jpgSavannah GA-2.JPGSavannah GA.JPGZeeland_MI-1a.jpg

Folk Victorian

Wednesday, 27 March 2013 19:42 Published in Folk Victorian

Features Include:

  • Square, symmetrical, simple shape
  • Brackets under the eaves
  • Porches with spindle work or flat, jigsaw cut trim
  • Carpenter Gothic details
  • Low-pitched, pyramid shaped roof
  • Front gable and side wings


Folk-1.jpgFolk-2_Robert Strong.jpgfolk-jc.jpgHH-259_Morris_SE.jpgNantucket_MA.jpgSan Jose_CA_David Sawyer.jpgZeeland_MI.jpg

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