Hand Drawings and Sketches

Hand Drawings and Sketches (4)

Hand drawings and sketches from Andrews University Architecture class, European summer abroad, and KVCC art class.

Presentation Board-Lodge

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The intent of Introduction to Design Studio is to introduce students to formal composition, abstract architectural elements, and traditional proportioning systems and presentation techniques. It was also our first introduction to the transect. Two precedent study projects/drawings supplied the environment for the  Andrews University Recreational Center project. Equal time was spent on research that was used to incorporate numerous sustainable and green  features while using limited technology as was actually drawing the complex. My recreational centers barn design fits  within the context of the Southwestern Michigan’s farming  community.

Drawings were used for NCARB accreditation and are on display at Andrews University.

Presentation Board - Analytique

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Sketchbook drawings from summer abroad including such cities as: Pienza-Italy, Roma, Paris, Stockholm, Bath-UK, and the Piedmont region of northern Italy. 

Hand Drawings

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Assorted hand drawings.


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