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Wednesday, 27 March 2013 06:30 Published in Prairie Style

Prairie Style

Frank Lloyd Wright transformed the American home when he began to design "Prairie" style houses with low horizontal lines and open interior spaces.

Features Include:

  • Low-pitched roof
  • Overhanging eaves
  • Horizontal lines
  • Central chimney
  • Open floor plan
  • Clerestory windows  

Aurora_IL-1.jpgBuffalo_NY-1.jpgChicago_IL-1.jpgChicago_IL-1c.jpgChicago_IL-2.jpgDesMoine_IA.jpgGrand Rapids_MI.jpgLakeland_FL.jpgOak Park_IL-1.jpgOak Park_IL-2.jpgOak Park_IL-3.jpgOak Park_IL-5.jpgPortland_OR_Daily B.jpgPrairie-3.jpgPrairie-4.jpgPrairie-11a_Dick Wood.jpgRiverside_IL_chicagogeek.jpg


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