Queen Anne

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Features Include:

  • Steep roof
  • Complicated, asymmetrical shape with intersecting roof lines
  • Front-facing gable
  • One-story porch that extends across one or two sides of the house
  • Round turrets or square towers
  • Wall surfaces textured with decorative shingles, patterned masonry, or half-timbering
  • Ornamental spindles and brackets
  • Bay windows

Charleston SC.JPGChester VT.JPGChester VY-2.JPGGainsville_FL_Black Doll.jpgHanover_NH-1.JPGHanover_NH-1a.JPGHanover_NN-2.jpgHeritage_Hills.JPGHH-42_Fulton_E.jpgHH-122_College_NE.jpgHH-228_Madison_SE.jpgHH-349_Paris_SE.jpgHH-535_Fountain_NE.JPGHinsdale_IL_chicagogeek.jpgHudson_MI.jpgMackinac.JPGQueen_Anne-5_Robert Strong.jpgQuee_Anne-2.jpgQuee_Anne-3.jpgSavannah GA-2.JPGSavannah GA.JPGZeeland_MI-1a.jpg



Queen Anne became an architectural fashion in the 1880s and 1890s, when the industrial revolution was building up steam. North America was caught up in the excitement of new technologies. Factory-made, pre-cut architectural parts were shuttled across the country on a rapidly expanding train network. Exuberant builders combined these pieces to create innovative, and sometimes excessive, homes.

Also, widely published pattern books touted spindles and towers and other flourishes we associate with Queen Anne architecture. Country folk yearned for fancy city trappings. Wealthy industrialists pulled out all stops as they built lavish "castles" using Queen Anne ideas.

Although easy to spot, America's Queen Anne style is difficult to define. Some Queen Anne houses are lavished with gingerbread, but some are made of brick or stone. Many have turrets, but this crowning touch is not necessary to make a house a queen. So, what is Queen Anne?

Fanciful and flamboyant, America's Queen Anne architecture takes on many shapes. Some Queen Anne houses are lavishly decorated. Others are restrained in their embellishments. Yet the flashy painted ladies of San Francisco and the refined Brooklyn brownstones share many of the same features. There is an element of surprise to the typical Queen Anne home. The roof is steeply pitched and irregular. The overall shape of the house is asymmetrical.  


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Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Mark Smith and I reside in Stevensville, Michigan my wife and two children. I have been interested in Architecture since my boyhood days; however, because of my families business—a lumberyard—I never really got a chance to pursue my dream until later in my career. Read more...


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