Queen Anne

Queen Anne

Of all the Victorian house styles, Queen Anne is the most elaborate and the most eccentric. The style is often called romantic and feminine, yet it is the product of a most unromantic era -- the machine age.



Queen Anne

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Features Include:

  • Steep roof
  • Complicated, asymmetrical shape with intersecting roof lines
  • Front-facing gable
  • One-story porch that extends across one or two sides of the house
  • Round turrets or square towers
  • Wall surfaces textured with decorative shingles, patterned masonry, or half-timbering
  • Ornamental spindles and brackets
  • Bay windows

Charleston SC.JPGChester VT.JPGChester VY-2.JPGGainsville_FL_Black Doll.jpgHanover_NH-1.JPGHanover_NH-1a.JPGHanover_NN-2.jpgHeritage_Hills.JPGHH-42_Fulton_E.jpgHH-122_College_NE.jpgHH-228_Madison_SE.jpgHH-349_Paris_SE.jpgHH-535_Fountain_NE.JPGHinsdale_IL_chicagogeek.jpgHudson_MI.jpgMackinac.JPGQueen_Anne-5_Robert Strong.jpgQuee_Anne-2.jpgQuee_Anne-3.jpgSavannah GA-2.JPGSavannah GA.JPGZeeland_MI-1a.jpg


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