Gothic Revival

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Gothic Revival

Features Include:

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The earliest Victorian Gothic Revival homes were built of stone. Suggesting the cathedrals of medieval Europe, these homes had pinnacles and parapets.

Later, more modest Victorian Revival homes were sometimes constructed of brick with wooden trim work. The timely invention of the steam-powered scroll saw meant that builders could add lacy wooden bargeboards and other factory-made ornaments. A series of pattern books by another popular designer - Andrew Jackson Downing - captured the imagination of a country already swept up in the Romantic Movement. Timber-framed houses across North America, especially in rural areas, began to sport Gothic details.

In towns, homes were often more highly decorated. Industrialization and the availability of machine-made architectural trim allowed builders to create a frivolous version of Gothic Revival known as Carpenter Gothic.

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Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Mark Smith and I reside in Stevensville, Michigan my wife and two children. I have been interested in Architecture since my boyhood days; however, because of my families business—a lumberyard—I never really got a chance to pursue my dream until later in my career. Read more...


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