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Features Include:

  • Basically square, boxy design (slightly greater depth than width)
  • Two-and-one-half stories high with often livable attic
  • Typically four large, boxy rooms per floor
  • Low-hipped or steep gable roof with w/deep overhang and one to four center dormers
  • Full-width front porch with wide stairs—centered or to one side
  • Brick, stone, stucco, concrete block, or wood siding
  • Large, often grouped window
  • Arched entries between common rooms
  • Built-in cabinetry, and Craftsman-style woodwork
  • Later Four squares often had the same type of interiors as Bungalows with open floor plans, lots of built-ins, and fireplaces. Many examples are trimmed with tiled roofs, cornice-line brackets, or other details drawn from Craftsman, Italian Renaissance, or Mission architecture. 

4 square-1.jpg4 square-2b.jpg4 square-9.jpg4 square-16_Dailey B.jpg4 square-17.jpeg4 square-23.jpg4 square-26.jpg4 Square-30_Rikki Nyman.jpg4 square-32.jpg4 Square-33_robertstrongphotos.jpg4 square-34.JPG4 Square-36_Russell_Swanker.jpgHeritage Hills_3.jpgHeritage Hills_4.jpgHH-304_Madison_SE.jpgHH-544_College_SE.JPGKalamazoo MI-2.JPGKalamazoo MI.JPGOak Park_IL_vonMaur.JPGSouth_Bend_IN.JPGZeeland-1b.jpgZeeland-2.jpgZeeland-3.jpgZeeland-4.jpg


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