Minimal Traditional

Wednesday, 27 March 2013 17:34 Published in Minimal Traditional

Minimal Traditional

Although some may argue that these houses have no "style" whatsoever, this simple design was appropriate for a country recovering from a Great Depression and anticipating World War II.

Features Include:

  • Small with minimal decorations
  • Low or moderately pitched roof
  • Minimal eaves and roof overhang
  • Side gable, often with one front-facing cross gable
  • Front door entrance under the front cross gable
  • One story, with an attic story
  • Shutters are common
  • Exterior siding of wood, brick, or a mix of sidings
  • Small fireplace and chimney


Durham_NC_Andrew Edmonds.jpgHamilton_ONT.jpgNantucket_MA-1.JPGNantucket_MA.JPGNantuckt_MA-2.jpgNew_York_S_Carroll_Jewell.jpgRaleigh_NC-1.jpgRaleigh_NC-2.jpgTacoma_WA.jpgTalladega_AL.jpgTumbleweed.jpg


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