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Tuesday, 04 October 2016 06:07 Published in Barn Home

An architecture and engineered project, working directly with the client, that wanting to move a 100+ year old barn to a new site and transform it into a home.

Scope of work was producing construction documents, 3D model, and renderings by using the original bents in the same footprint. Job site visits and photos were utilized to complete the project. The client also wanted to minimize mechanical requirements so an energy efficient building envelope was designed and shading devices were incorporated while maintaining barn facade.

Software: Revit
Total sheets: 11
Project date: 2015
Status: Under construction

A101.jpgA102.jpgA201.jpgA202.jpgA301.jpgExterior-Front.jpgExterior-Garage.jpgExterior-Rear.jpgExterior Before.JPGInterior-Bedroom.jpgInterior-Kitchen.jpgInterior After.JPGS101.jpgS102.jpgS103.jpgS701.jpgS702.jpgS703.jpg


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