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Mark Smith

Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Mark Smith and my design company is located in Stevensville, Michigan where I reside with my wife and two children. 

Barn Home

Tuesday, 04 October 2016 06:07 Published in Barn Home

An architecture and engineered project, working directly with the client, that wanting to move a 100+ year old barn to a new site and transform it into a home.

Scope of work was producing construction documents, 3D model, and renderings by using the original bents in the same footprint. Job site visits and photos were utilized to complete the project. The client also wanted to minimize mechanical requirements so an energy efficient building envelope was designed and shading devices were incorporated while maintaining barn facade.

Software: Revit
Total sheets: 11
Project date: 2015
Status: Under construction

A101.jpgA102.jpgA201.jpgA202.jpgA301.jpgExterior-Front.jpgExterior-Garage.jpgExterior-Rear.jpgExterior Before.JPGInterior-Bedroom.jpgInterior-Kitchen.jpgInterior After.JPGS101.jpgS102.jpgS103.jpgS701.jpgS702.jpgS703.jpg


Tuesday, 04 October 2016 05:37 Published in Wings

Exterior facade restoration of four buildings in Sturgis to match original 1890’s facade and structural interior framing design to convert existing interior space to a Wings restaurant, apartments, and future businesses. No existing drawing were available. Plans and model were generated from job site visits, site photos, and historical photos.

Scope of work - Revit model, design phase architectural drawings and structural constructional documents.

Software - Revit
Sheets - Six
Project Date - 2015
Status - Under construction (Wings restaurant opened fall 2015)

Note: The architect of record changed (near the end of the project) and the original facade designs for the rear of the building where scraped in favor of a more modern EIFS/brick facade (not shown), which were designed by the architect.

A101.jpgA102.jpgA103.jpgA300.jpgA310.jpgFacade-Before.JPGFacade 1890s.JPGFacade After.jpgS101.jpgS102.jpgS103.jpgS201.jpgS301.jpgS302.jpg


Monday, 15 April 2013 03:36 Published in Pavillon


  • 40ft x 72ft x 12ft high
  • Concrete Floor
  • 12ft on center cantilever 24"x 24" split face CMU columns
  • 12ft on center trusses
  • Painted ribbed steel roof
  • 24" overhang all sides
  • Perimeter drainage

Soccer Complex

Monday, 15 April 2013 03:35 Published in Soccer Complex

Proposed Upgrades and Expansion:

1.  32 soccer fields, 24 tournament sized (currently 18 and 14 respectively) capable of hosting a 250 team tournament.

2.  One lighted championship field that includes bleachers and scoreboard.

3.  2 Lacrosse fields.

4.  2 Volleyball courts.

5.  6 Multi-purpose Basketball/Futsal/Volleyball courts.

6.  1.5 mile Fitness Trail with 20 Exercise Stations.

7.  3000 square foot Playground.

8.  Buildings to include: 60'X40' Pavilion, 20'X24' Equipment Building, 5 - 20'x20' Gazebo's.

9.  700+ paved parking spaces.

10. 100 Trees

and more...

Proposed Phasing*:

Phase 1: Add second entrance off Cleveland, create gravel parking areas as designed, expand fields into existing parking lot (infrastructure), upgrade existing fields, and construct equipment building.
Phase 2: Above ground improvements to complete fields.  
Phase 3: Complete buildings, playground and additional sport courts. 
Phase 4: Pave lots, install walking trail and exercise stations. 
 *Phasing varies based on secured funding


Saxton Addtion

Monday, 15 April 2013 03:28 Published in Saxton Addtion


  • All seasons room
  • 12ft on center custom site-built trusses
  • Exposed studs, trusses, and rafters
  • White washed tongue and groove knotty pine wall and roof sheathings
  • Wide-plan southern yellow pine flooring
  • In-wall heat
  • Glazing u-factor 0.29 or optional 0.27.
  • R-10 foundation, R-25 floor, R-15 wall, R-30 roof


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Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Mark Smith and I reside in Stevensville, Michigan my wife and two children. I have been interested in Architecture since my boyhood days; however, because of my families business—a lumberyard—I never really got a chance to pursue my dream until later in my career. Read more...


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