American Bungalow

American Bungalow

The word bungalow is often used for any small 20th century home that uses space efficiently. However there are particular features we associate with bungalow architecture in the USA. California Bungalows, Craftsman Bungalows, and Chicago Bungalows are just a few of the many varieties of the popular American Bungalow form.



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Features Include:

  • One and a half stories
  • Most of the living spaces on the ground floor
  • Low-pitched roof and horizontal shape
  • Living room at the center
  • Connecting rooms without hallways
  • Efficient floor plan
  • Built-in cabinets, shelves, and seats

BayView_MI_vonMaur.jpgBellingham_WA_Daily B.jpgBerrien Springs_MI_vonMaur.jpgBungalow-7.jpgbungalow-11.jpgBungalow-13.jpgBungalow-14_Daily B.jpgBUNGALOW-17_vonMaur.jpgBungalow-18.JPGBungalow-19_Farmer1976.jpgBungalow-20_Daily B.jpgbungalow-21.jpgBungalow-24.jpgBungalow-25_Daily B.jpgBungalow-27.jpgBungalow-32_Russell_Swanker.jpgBungalow-33_Russel_Swanker.jpgBungalow-36.JPGBungalow-49_Russell_Swanker.jpgBungalow_2.jpgBungalow_4_about.jpgCalifornia_About.jpgChicago_About.jpgCraftsman_About.jpgHH-420_Morris_SE.jpgSan Jose_CA_David_Sawyer.jpgSwiss_about.jpgZeeland-1b.jpgZeeland-2.jpg


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